Stephen Rice

Stephen is a hobby woodworker… a weekend warrior, if you will. Over the past 8 years, he’s been tackling projects around the house and building furniture for family and friends. During his time as a woodworker, Stephen has tested and used just about every power tool out there, across multiple brands. He’s not loyal to one brand, but simply chooses the best option for the job at hand. When he’s not in the shop, Stephen can be found doing just about anything outdoors.
Best Miter Saw

Best Miter Saw Of 2023

If you’re a DIY’er, you’ve probably had occasions where you needed a miter saw, mainly if you’ve replaced trim around the house. It’s a must-have

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Cordless Drill Reviews
Drills & Drivers

Best Cordless Drill Of 2023

Your cordless drill is quite likely the most useful tool in your inventory. Whether you’re a serious professional or a home handy-man that uses your

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