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Best Miter Saw Of 2022

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Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If you’re interested in DIY, then you need to get your hands on the best equipment out there. Many handymen and professional contractors swear by the Miter saw. It’s seen as a must-have tool for anyone that’s looking to improve their cutting technique and speed everything up.

Generally speaking, these saws are excellent for making angled cuts or crosscuts in your piece of work. There are many different styles out there, and a plethora of features you can choose from. It’s essential that you weigh all the options before you make your purchase.

Today, we’re going to help you find the best product by looking at two different kinds of Miter saws. There’s the best compound Miter saw and the best sliding compound saw. If you don’t know the differences between these, then don’t worry, all will be explained throughout the reviews!

The Research

When reviewing the best Miter saws of 2022, we took a look at all the products on the market. It was essential that we whittled things down to the product we believe is the best all-round Miter saw for you to buy. So, here are a few of the main things we looked out for:

Cutting Ability/Blade Quality

First and foremost, it needs to get the job done and actually function correctly. So, we paid great attention to the cutting ability of the saws we looked at. Ideally, the best overall Miter saw can be adjusted to a variety of different positions. You should be able to switch from one angle to another, which allows you to transition between different cuts with more fluidity and accuracy.

Another thing that impacts the cutting quality is the bevel. This is essentially what allows your Miter saw to tilt and rotate. The very best products offer responsive rotation and tilting that can be done in more than one direction.

The blade also needs to feel locked into place, so it doesn’t move and result in a bad cut. Speaking of which, the sharpness and teeth-count are also key things to consider. The more teeth a blade has, the finer the cuts will be, and the smoother the finish.

Dust Features

We all know that using any type of saw will result in excess sawdust being flown into the air. This can be dangerous if inhaled, and it can also just be extremely messy. So, if you’re looking for the best overall Miter saw, then you want one with good dust collection features.

The very best products have bags or areas that collect a lot of dust as you’re cutting. It cleans up your workspace and means you don’t have pesky sawdust filling the air.

Safety Features

It’s absolutely vital that your Miter saw is safe to use. As a result, we paid close attention to the safety features included in all the products we reviewed. Things like saw guards, super-fast brakes, and many other features that help reduce the risk of accidents when using these saws.

Ultimately, if a product is safe, then it’s easier to use. You’re not scared of your machine, which allows you to feel more confident making cuts with your Miter saw.

Bonus Features

Often, the top Miter saws will tick the right boxes for cutting ability, blade quality, dust collection, and safety. So, what tips the scales in favor of one over another is the range of bonus features it can boast. Miter saws can have laser attachments that guide you when using it, vastly improving your accuracy and speed. Clear-cutting guards are a popular feature as they let you see what you’re doing and can further enhance your skill.


Of course, we have to consider the cost or value for money. It’s common to assume that the most expensive Miter saw must be the best one. However, it could be costly purely because of the brand name, or it may have features that aren’t really that necessary. Likewise, if you want to save money, then a cheap saw isn’t always the best way to go. Instead, we look at the price to see if the saw is worth every penny and provide you with great value for money.

After weighing all of these things up, it lets us narrow down the search and find the best overall Miter saw on the market right now.

Best Compound Miter Saw

A compound Miter saw is one of the two main varieties of Miter saws. With a compound Miter saw, you can pivot the blade. This means it can move from left to right, which lets you get some really accurate angled cuts. As such, a compound Miter saw is essential for anyone that works on projects where angled cuts are necessary; such as cutting molding or picture frames.

You get an improved range of motion with a compound Miter saw, and it’s very easy to make two separate cuts in the same piece of wood on multiple planes.

When we’re looking for the best compound Miter saw, we narrow down the options by looking at the same things discussed in the research section above. But, there’s particular emphasis on the pivoting ability as this is the critical feature of this type of Miter saw.

If you want to see our pick of the best compound Miter saw, then check out the reviews below:

Top Pick - Overall

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound (DWS715)
The Dewalt DWS715 is our top overall pick in the compound miter saw category. This saw is best suited for smaller at-home projects without a need for longer or heavy right bevel cuts. Featured highlights include:

  • Motor Speed: 4,000 rpm
  • Max Bevel - Left: 48°
  • Max Bevel - Right: 3°
  • Miter Angle Range: 0-50° (Left/Right)
  • Blade Size: 12 in.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited
  • Top Pick - Budget

    Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10" Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
    The Hitachi C10FCG is our top budget pick in the Compound Miter Saw category. Though this saw is not really suited for professional use, it offers enough to tackle just about any home project. Featured highlights include:

  • Motor Speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Max Bevel - Left: 45°
  • Miter Angle Range: 0-52° (Left/Right)
  • Blade Size: 10 in.
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited
  • Top Pick - Pro

    DEWALT DW716XPS Compound Miter Saw with XPS, 12-Inch (Discontinued)
    For those who need all of the bells and whistles in a Compound Miter Saw, the Dewalt DW716XPS is our top pick. Dewalt is a proven name in the professional handyman and contractor world and this model is perfect for those bigger jobs. Featured highlights include:

  • Motor Speed: 3,600 rpm
  • Max Bevel - Left: 48°
  • Max Bevel - Right: 48°
  • Miter Angle Range: 0-50° (Left/Right)
  • Blade Size: 12 in.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited
  • Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Lastly, there’s the sliding compound Miter saw. The good news is that this is easy to describe once you know what a compound Miter saw is. With this version, you have a product that can pivot, but it also has a sliding feature.

    As a result, you can slide the saw along longer pieces of wood to make longer cuts. This makes it ideal for people who are likely to make long cuts all the time. If you never work with longer pieces of wood, then you probably won’t see the benefits of this sliding feature.

    Consequently, you need to ensure that your sliding compound Miter saw has excellent pivoting ability and a sliding function that’s easy to use and reliable.

    But, if you are looking for the best sliding compound Miter saw, then these are our top picks:

    Top Pick - Overall

    Top Pick - Budget

    DOIT 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser and LED Work Light
    The DOIT Dual Bevel Sliding Compact Miter Saw makes our top pick in the budget category considering the fact that it's packed with features and comes with a great reputation. You're not likely to find better in this price range. Featured highlights include:

  • Motor Speed: 3,800 rpm
  • Max Bevel - Left: 45°
  • Max Bevel - Right: 45°
  • Miter Angle Range - Left: 45°
  • Miter Angle Range - Right: 45°
  • Blade Size: 12 in.
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Top Pick - Pro

    BOSCH GCM12SD 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade
    We consider the Bosch GCM12SD the king of all miter saws. This masterpiece features the patented Axial Glide System which offers smooth, wide cuts in an extremely compact setup. If you are in need of a miter saw for heavy or professional use, we strongly recommend you check this one out. Featured highlights include:

  • Motor Speed: 3,800 rpm
  • Max Bevel - Left: 52°
  • Max Bevel - Right: 60°
  • Miter Angle Range - Left: 45°
  • Miter Angle Range - Right: 45°
  • Blade Size: 12 in.
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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