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Best Lineman Tool Bags

There’s no doubt that the job of a lineman is stressful. They work under less-than-favorable conditions, such as storms and extreme temperatures. In addition, linemen are dealing with hazardous levels of electrical current. Taking every necessary precaution and staying organized on the job site is essential. One key factor in a safe work environment is having a good lineman tool bag to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.

What To Look For in a Lineman Toolbag

There are several things to consider when looking for the best lineman tool bag for your specific needs. We’ll explore several options and describe the benefits of each one.

Storage Space and Pockets

Of course, one of the first things people look at when searching for the perfect lineman gear bag is how many tools it will hold. Storage space plays a significant role in selecting the right bag. Consider the available open space, the total number of pockets, and how that works for your tool load on the typical job.


Weight is another critical thing to consider, as many linemen will have the tool bag in the bucket when installing or repairing. As your tools will add considerable weight, starting with a lightweight bag is essential.


Weight is another critical thing to consider, as many linemen will have the tool bag in the bucket when installing or repairing. As your tools will add considerable weight, starting with a lightweight bag is essential.

Weather Resistance

Linemen often work in rainy or snowy conditions, so having a bag resistant to moisture is imperative. The lineman bags we’re reviewing all have material that repels water, such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl.

Attachments for Hanging

A good lineman gear bag will have holes or straps for hooks that will attach to the bucket or other stable platforms for safety and convenience. This makes it easy to access your tools when doing ariel installations or repairs.

Types of Lineman Tool Bags

There are a few different types of lineman bags and tool pouches available on the market, so it’s essential to determine which type will work best for your specific needs. Some prefer a zippered option to keep their tools in place while in the bucket or traveling between job sites, while others prefer a more open bucket style for quick and easy access to tools. We’ll look at the benefits of these different styles and help you determine the best fit for you.

Zippered Lineman Tote Bags

Zippered bags are perfect for keeping your tools in place when traveling between job sites. They’re also great for keeping your tools safe from the elements. The downside to zippered bags is that they typically don’t offer a nice, open area for accessing your tools, like a bucket-style gear bag would provide. That being said, zippered bags are still a widely chosen option by many linemen.

Here is our top pick for zippered lineman bags.

Welkinland 32 Pocket Canvas Tool Bag

The Welkinland zippered canvas tool bag is rugged and perfect for staying organized. The 32-pocket design lets you keep your tools ready when you need them most. The big bonus to this bag is that it offers an iron wire frame, keeping the mouth of the bag open while you’re working.

WELKINLAND 32-Pockets Waxed Canvas tool bag, Heavy-Duty Electrician tool bag, HVAC tool bag, Tool bag organizer, 16" Tools bag carrier, Tool bags for electricians, Tool bags for men
  • Durable 20oz. waxed canvas material with gun-metal zippers
  • 32 pockets for all of your essential tools
  • Stand-up handle and padded shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Padded base to help protect your tools
  • Iron wire frame that keeps the mouth of the bag open for easy access to tools
  • Lineman Bucket Bag

    The bucket tool bag is the best option for keeping your most essential tools easily accessible. While these tool bags don’t offer the same protection from the elements as a zippered bag, they provide the utmost convenience and accessibility. Most bucket bags are made of nylon or polyester material with a hard core that helps to maintain the open design.

    Here is our top pick for bucket-style lineman bags.

    Klein Airel Bucket Bag

    Klein is known for making quality tools and bags. This ariel bucket is no exception. Constructed of ultra-durable polyester, you’re sure to get years of heavy use out of it. In addition to the easily accessible bucket-style design, this bag has plenty of pockets for all your favorite tools.

    Klein Tools 5144BHB14OS Hard-Body Bucket, Aerial Oval Tool Bucket with Drain Holes, 29 Pockets
  • Rugged denier polyester construction
  • 29 total pockets (15 interior, 14 outside)
  • Polypropylene bottom with drain holes
  • Metal-reinforced holes for hooks (sold separately)
  • Vinyl Lineman Bags

    Vinyl lineman bags are one of the most popular options because of their weather resistance. These vinyl bags repel water and moisture better than any other material. Many vinyl lineman bags will come with internal steel frames, helping them to keep their shape.

    Here is our top pick for vinyl lineman tool bags.

    Klein Large Vinyl Equipment Bag

    Klein makes it again to one of our top picks. This time, for their large vinyl lineman bag. The Klein vinyl tool bag is about as close to industry standard as you can get. It’s perfect for storing your tools, belt, and gaffs (with guards) and still has room for lunch.

    Klein Tools 5181ORA Large Vinyl Equipment Bag, Made in USA, Detachable Shoulder Strap with Two Heavy-Duty, Side-Action Buckles, Orange
  • Waterproof design
  • Large outside pocket for extra storage
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Steel frame helps to maintain bag shape
  • Lineman Backpacks

    Another option to consider is the backpack-style lineman bag. These are great for throwing over your shoulder and taking tools to the job site. While they offer the best mobility, accessibility is not what you would find in a bucket-style tool bag. That tradeoff is worth it to some, and it’s good to consider all options.

    Here’s our top pick for lineman backpacks.

    Welkinland 66-Pocket Tool Backpack

    The Welkinland tool backpack gives you the ultimate compact and mobile option for carrying your tools. It’s incredibly durable and should provide years of use. With 66 pockets, there’s more than enough space for your big and small tools.

    WELKINLAND 66-Pockets Backpack Tool Bag, Heavy-Duty Tool Backpack, Electrician backpack, Jobsite backpack, Tool back pack for men, Tool backpack for electricians, Tool backpack for construction
  • Four compartments, 66 pockets, and 76 molle loops
  • Aircraft-grade carry handle
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • Feet to protect your tools from water and snow
  • Conclusion

    Whatever your specific needs are when looking for the best lineman tool bag or pouch, we hope this article helped point you in the right direction. A lineman’s job is tough, so it’s important to do what you can to make things more manageable while on the job site. We genuinely appreciate our linemen and can’t imagine the hard work that goes into bringing and restoring power to millions of people each year. Thank you!

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